About Eduweave

Eduweave’s mission is to create new voices and new learning through innovative use of new media tools and technologies. We work with education-based organizations and academic institutions both globally and locally to:

  • Produce Multimedia Content
  • Implement Innovative Curriculum
  • Build New Media Products

Eduweave Produces Multimedia Content

How can popular film music in India be used to address illiteracy? What enabled Afghan women to continue their education during the Taliban rule? How did business school students help in restructuring the city of New Orleans?

Eduweave leverages the ubiquitous nature of the Internet and the diverse distribution channels to bring these stories to life in audio and visual format. Hear voices of action. See stories of change. Learn about instructional models that can be replicated and scaled to impact the greatest number of learners.

Eduweave Implements Innovative Curriculum

What happens when you place the same multimedia tools in the hands of youth in disadvantaged communities? What kinds of stories do they tell? How can the skills they acquire be transfered to other domains of learning?

Eduweave has been successful in adapting and using the digital storytelling curriculum with underprivileged youth in two diverse settings – Ballimaran ICT Center (India) and South End Technology Center (Boston). Digital storytelling combines oral storytelling with digital media technologies and a structured first-person story development process to help create personal narratives. The tools of production are placed directly into the hands of the (student)storyteller who is responsible for writing, recording, and editing his/her own work. This approach helps students reflect on issues relevant to their lives and develop a personal voice. In addition, they also learn critical media literacy skills and computer skills.

More curriculum models are currently under development.

Eduweave Builds New Media Products

How can we leverage social media networks and user-generated multimedia content to reach new groups of learners? How can we ensure that these networks are relevant and useful in the long-term? How can the tools reach learners in the margins?

Eduweave plans to develop tools that can accelerate learning, especially in critical areas like science, for both the teachers and the students.

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